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Purse Dark Blue Croco

Purse Dark Blue Croco

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21x13x2.5 cm


Leather: genuine crocodile leather made in Italy
Fittings: “Vigor Studio” logo flag made of silver
Lining: thin Italian leather
Each product is carefully handcrafted using natural materials, which guarantees the unique texture and color of each item. 
There may be slight differences between the finished product and the photo.


Any other color is available for order, waiting time - 14 days

This purse is crafted from alligator leather, which gives it a distinctively luxurious and upscale appearance. The alligator leather showcases a characteristic pattern of rectangular and square scales, emphasizing its exotic and high-end nature. The purse is a rich dark blue color, which adds to its sophisticated and elegant aesthetic.
On the front of the purse, there is a silver emblem featuring the brand name "Vigor Studio." This emblem provides a stylish contrast against the textured leather. The purse features a sturdy, well-crafted zipper that runs along the edges, ensuring both security and style.
The stitching is precise and meticulous, indicating high-quality craftsmanship. Overall, this purse seamlessly blends luxury and functionality, making it a premium accessory choice for discerning individuals.

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